Using the eAIP


The left hand side of the browser window contains:

The right hand side of the browser window will display the eAIP content.

AIP tab

Displays the eAIP table of contents.

Clicking on a + or a - sign expands/collapses the AIP table of contents.

Clicking on a title opens the relevant part in the content pane of the eAIP window.

AMDT tab

Amendment information is not shown by default. To see what has changed on a page, check the box in the top right corner of the right frame to make the changes visible. Please note that loading these changes may take some time.

The AMDT tab in the left frame contains a detailed list of all changes in the eAIP, ordered by section (and, depending on how the eAIP has been created, by a higher level grouping). Click a triangular arrow next to a section to see the corresponding change highlighted in the right hand side frame.

Changes in the eAIP are marked as follows:

AIRAC Amendments

Non-AIRAC Amendments

Note that it is of course possible that there is no change in the section your are reading, even if the "Show Amendments" box is ticked.

SUPs tab

The SUPs tab lists relevant Supplements for this eAIP effective date. Each Supplement is shown with:

AICs tab

The AICs tab lists relevant Circulars for this eAIP effective date. Each circular is shown with:

The search tab allows searching inside the eAIP.

Enter one or more search terms in the "Search for" field and click the "Start" button.

The search result will be displayed below the search form.

Entering more than one word will show results that contain any of the specified words. If a plus sign (+) is written before a word this search term must be part of the result. If a minus sign (-) is written before a word this search term must not be part of the result. The search function will do a substring search. That means that search terms will also match part of a word contained in the text.

Graphics and Charts

This eAIP contains graphics and charts in various electronic formats. The following list indicate the tools needed for each format.

System and software requirements

Frequently asked questions

Why do I see strange characters in the eAIP?

You may be viewing the eAIP with the wrong character set. Set the correct encoding as follows:

Is there any other nifty eAIP navigation stuff I don't know about?

Maybe! Did you know:

Additional Information

The section may contain additional information regarded as useful for the consultation and use of the eAIP.