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AIP Supplement for Estonia




Effective from 07 FEB 2018


Published on 07 FEB 2018

Light Installation of Old City Harbour


AIP SUP supplements the following portion of the AIP: ENR 5.3.

1 Description

From 1st of February 2018 Port of Tallinn Ltd will use spotlights in Old City Harbour. Spotlights are used to create a light installation in the colours of the Estonian flag (blue-black-white).

Spotlights are installed on the pier ends of Old City Harbour. Spotlight beams are directed at each other (light beams are at angles of 344 and 164 degrees) and positioned at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees to ground.

Light beams intersect at coordinates 592652N 0244632E, intersection's maximum height is 1100 ft from SFC (see the chart in para 4).

Light beams may cause blindness or interferences in an area with a radius of 1.5 NM up to 5000 ft AMSL.

2 Additional Information

Should any complaints arise with regards to the use of spotlights, these are to be addressed to Estonian CAA over the phone +372 610 3500 (Mo to Fr 9.00 – 16.00 LMT) or by e-mail

If blindness due to the light beams occurs, then the occurrence regarding aviation safety shall be reported. It can be done via Estonian CAA website or European Aviation Safety Reporting website Reporting is anonymous and confidential. Estonian CAA shall use the information only for the purpose of ensuring aviation safety.

3 Other

Possible changes to AIP SUP shall be published by NOTAM.

4 Chart

5 Picture