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AIC for Estonia



A 05/2018

Effective from 25 OCT 2018


Published on 25 OCT 2018

Renewal of Subscription of Aeronautical Information Products for the Year 2019

1 Subscription Procedure

In order to update the distribution list of Estonian Aeronautical Information Products, all subscribers are kindly requested to complete the attached order form and return it to AIM before 14 DEC 2018 by post:

Estonian Air Navigation Services
Kanali põik 3
Rae küla, Rae vald
Harjumaa 10112


or by e-mail:

Additionally it is possible to subscribe online:

AIP Supplements and AICs, which are published between publication of two eAIP DVDs, are distributed to subscriber's e-mail address.

In case of not receiving any communication from you by the deadline we will understand that you are not interested in the renewal of subscription and dispatching of aeronautical information products will be suspended.

All subscribers from European Union member states are requested to provide the tax reference number on the form.

There is no need to send cheques, invoices will be sent to the subscribers after submitting the subscription.

The Estonian Aeronautical Information Products will be supplied to foreign Aeronautical Authorities and Aeronautical Information Services on the basis of the free exchange policy stated in ICAO Annex 15 paragraph 3.3.5.

All other subscribers have to pay for their subscriptions according to the current price list and number of copies ordered.

AIC A 05/2017 is hereby cancelled.

2 Fixed Prices for Aeronautical Information Products

Price (including postage, excluding VAT)
Other countries

 Note: value added tax (VAT) shall be added to the prices in accordance with the applicable legislation.

 eAIP (AIP AMDTs, SUPs, AICs on DVD) per calender year
48 EUR82 EUR82 EUR
 Ring binders for AIP SUP, AIC and DVD
14 EUR16 EUR17 EUR

3 Order Forms